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AAA Crime Scene History

In 1993 Kathie Jo Kadziauskas found herself on the phone with her friend, the friend was in hysterics. Her husband had committed suicide, after the paramedics took away the body, she was left in an empty house and a biohazards suicide scene lay waiting just beyond the bedroom door.

Kathie Jo  immediately flew to her friend, she ended up cleaning up the biohazard.

This is why Kathie Jo Kadziauskas founded AAA Crime Scene Steam & Clean in 1993. To provide a much needed service.

To stop the unnecessary suffering of victims of violent crimes. No one should have to clean up a biohazard in their own home. You would be amazed at what Kathie has seen in her life time and yet each day she is grateful and reminds us all why we do what we do.

AAACrime Scene now!
AAACSSC has a team of 8 to 10 trained biohazard removal crew. A fleet of 5 vehicles. We cover all of Southern California from Cambria to San Diego, from the Ocean to Nevada. In addition to a branch in North Idaho & Eastern Washington.

AAA Crime Scene is a founding member of CATWAP
[ California Association of Trauma Waste Practitioners ]
Member of California Coroners Association 1999-2014
Member of Funeral Directors & Embalmers Assoc 2001-2014
Member Apartment Owners Assoc, 2004-2007
Registered Trauma Waste Management Practitioner 1998-2014

Kathie Jo Kadziauskas owner of AAA Crime Scene was recently voted into the prestigious Manchester Who's Who  Registry for successful Executives & Professionals!