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Member Ca. Coroners Assoc.                                                                  Certified to CCR8.5193
Member Funeral Directors Assoc.                                                          Accurint & Securint Services
Member Apartment Owners Assoc
Sponsor C.H.I.A... C.R.I.A..... C.A.C.E.O....  PG./PA. Associations
                                          Cambridge's Who's Who Executive  of the year



Colors     July 2003   German
Mini World Oct 2001   Crime Scene Clean Up”  Japanese
Jane  Oct 2001 “ Flyon The Wall” Sue Carpenter
FMH  May 1998  “ Crime Scene Cleaner”  Caroline Rees
Insurance Woman “  Nov 1996  “ It’s a Tough Job, And Few Do It “
This article in an insurance trade mag. Enabled the Trauma Scene Industry to tell clients that our work is covered by their Home Owners Insurance
Law Enforcement Technology  August 2000 “ Crime  Scene Do Not Enter”  Keith Strandberg
Law Enforcement Technology  March 1998 “ Crime Scene Clean Up “ Keith Strandberg
Maintance Supplies  March 1998 ‘ Crime Scene Clean Up “ Keith Strandberg
Maxim  Dec 1998 “ Crime Scene Cleaner”
Corrections Forum Jan 1998 “ Cleaning Up Crime”


The Wall Street Journal Aug 29th 1996  “It’s a dirty job that must be done when someone dies”  Manny Frenandez
The Star Dec 27th 1998 “ After Police leave, who cleans up crime scenes?” Bryan Boettger
Associated Press “Unusal wares hawked at detective convention” ScottSooner
Telegraph Magazine “ Mopping up after Murder” Sheila Hayman
Ventura County News Aug 15th 2000 “Easing Trauma “ Tina Dirman
L A Times “ Companies Clean Up at Crime Scenes”  Solomon Moore
The Sun  “ Women Clean Up at scene of crime “ Pamela Fitzsimmions 1993 [ 1st article]
The Australian Financial Review Sept 19th 1996 “It’s a crime if you can’t clean up in this industry”  Eric Ellis
Ventura County Star Oct 6th 1996 “ Cleaning up where angles fear  to scrub” Steve Chawkins
Pacific Coast Enterprise Oct 3rd 2005 “ Cleaning Up on Crime” Bill Lascher
The Sunday Star Ledger Feb 21st 1999 “Business is good for Crime Scene Cleanup firms” Jeff Wong
Ventura Journal Dec 31st 1999 “ Odd Jobs” Daniel Jennings
The News & Observer Sept 4th 1996 “ At the scene of the crime she makes a Clean getaway”
Manny Fernandez
VC   Oc 6th  2011  Crime Scene Cleaners”  Christine Carlson
Riverside Business Journal  Nov 18th 1999  “ Odd Jobs”  Daniel Jennings
L A Weekley  Jan 5th 2001 Robert Yaeger
LA Times July25th 2 bodie found” Solomon Moore
Ventura County Star Sept 20th 2012 “ Tough to touch stuff” Marjorie Hernandez
Sonoma County Independent Jan 27th 1999 “The Grim Sweepers” David Templeton


Extreme Cleaners  Authentic International  2012  Pre Production Talks  www.authentic
Crime Scene Clean Up   Vimeo Production Gabriel Romero  2012
Death Inc  Sye Williams Producer  2012
Odd Jobs  Producers London Lite [ pilot ] <>
Day & Date   Channel 4 1994
Consultant Curdled  Quentin Terrinto movie 1993
BBC America  L A Coroner  Producer  Unden Assoc  1997
Joe Walsh Hoarding  Oprah Network
Woman’s Work  Producer  Simon Mashell Orbit Intermedia Productions  [ pilot]
Clean Up Crew  Producer Ian Blankenship & Greg Stephens
Isis Ave  Director Paul Marchand & Sye Williams 2008 Toy District Filma [ pilot ]

Associations & Laws

Founding Member  &  Treasurer of CATWAP { California Association of Trauma 
Waste Practitioners ]  since 1994
“Group of 7 “ Initiated SB1034 [ senate bill ]  Chapter 9.5 sec # 118321b Trauma Scene Waste Management Act  1993
Petitioned Ca. OSHA July7 2000 [ Cal-OSHA Reporter ]  requesting  Ca OSHA require trauma scenes be labeled as potential health risks
Instrumental in adding Trauma Scene Clean Up Services to  Ca. Victims Assistance Program’99
Member of Ca. Coroners Assoc since 1996
Assoc Member of Ca. State Assoc of Public Guardian /Public Admin Assoc since 1996
Supported of S.E.A.T. { Sheriff’s Employee Assistance Team ]
Letter of Commendation from Ca. Dept of  Justice
Presenter & supporting Member of CACEO [ Ca. Assoc. of Code Enforcement Officers since 2000
Cambridge “Who’s Who “  Woman of the Year 2009 --2013
Presenter & supported of County of Los Angeles Hoarding Forum 2007
Supporter & participant in Orange County, San Diego County, Los Angeles County,
Hoarding Task Force Programs

Associate member of
CHIA { Ca. Homicide Investigator Assoc ]  since 1999
CRIA [ Ca. Robbery Investigator Assoc ]  since 1999
Ca. State Coroners Assoc  since 1995
CACEO [ Ca. Assoc of Code Enforcement officers ] since 2000
CAPAPGPC [ Ca. State Assoc of Public Admin, Public Guardian & Public Conservators ] since 2000
SCAFO { southern Ca. Assoc of Fingerprint Officers ] since 2001
TIP { Trauma Intervention Program ]

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